Krysia's Process

Krysia’s touch of the fast drying medium acrylic, lends to her process of quick movement-one creative moment to the next. She believes in developing a rich under painting with many layers, each composed of a myriad of colors. It is the rich underpainting that provides her paintings with depth and serves to create a different visual impact depending on the light source or light changes during the day.

Krysia has mastered the use of this less toxic, and more permanent medium with her unique process, to visually achieve the subtleties and luminosity of an oil painting. She is able to achieve this despite the blending difficulties inherent in this fast drying acrylic medium.

Krysia works on a number of paintings in the same timeframe in order to keep a fresh perspective on each individual piece. She believes in throwing all her inspiration and passion into her new work for a finite time, and then to remove it completely from her focus. She then works on another painting, so that when she returns to the earlier work she is able to see the painting with a completely fresh perspective and new energy.

Krysia is constantly inspired by her surroundings. She is passionate able the capacity of art to transform a home and to bring visual excitement into one's life.

Prints & Commissions