The Art of Spring

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May, is truly a magical time of the year when you live in north-east America.
Growing up in Queensland, Australia where the weather is just as the advertisements say, “Beautiful One day and Perfect the next,” I was introduced to the four seasons when I moved to New York twenty years ago. I am still caught up in the garden frenzy that is generated every spring when everyone flocks to garden centers at all hours of the day. You can smell change in the air,well only after a dose of antihistamine if you are anything like my family. Even so, the spirit of change is evident, as garden rescue takes over the suburbs with the arrival of spring.

The impact of creativity in the garden is always spectacular. And, like the outcome of any creative endeavor it can provide so much enjoyment for both the creator and the viewer. Take a walk around your neighborhood and check out the newly potted plants, window boxes, or landscapes. Breathe in the new life that someone has taken the time to create.
What would the world be like if we did not have ART in our lives to appreciate???