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I have been blessed to have so many wonderful people from many different countries collect my paintings.  Many are very well to do with a number of splendid houses and great art collections. Many are young professionals who are just starting to collect art.

It seems almost shocking to compare the magnificent world of art with the commercial world of real estate, but forgive me if just this once I do.  There is that saying that you should never invest in a home that you would not be prepared to live in.

So I would say to you that you should never invest in art that you are not prepared to live with. For those of you that are influenced by the future investment value of the piece, the bragging rights to the value, the name of the artist, the ability of the painting to match your decor, the persuasive ability of the gallery owner, or the quantity of alcohol consumed before purchase.  I will find it vaguely permissible to allow all or one of these factors to have some small influence on your decision to purchase a work of art if and only if you immediately have a strong emotional connection to the painting or sculpture or whatever it is you decide to take home.

This painting or work of art should connect with you every time you see it. Perhaps you will connect in a different way each time you see it and under different lighting.  This painting should bring a life of its own into your room. This painting should ignite a conversation with your guests.

You should first and foremost love living with it, and it should reflect who you are at a given point in time in your life. Invest in a conversation piece to have with yourself first.

What does this painting say to me?