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I mentioned in an earlier blog that I have been blessed to have art collectors from many countries around the world buy my work.  Many have extraordinary art collections in many homes.  I also have been approached by many young couples over the years who were just starting out in their new homes. 

Often they are uncertain about whether they should be spending a lot of money on art work when they were perhaps in need of living room curtains, or certain pieces of furniture, or perhaps a bed in the guest’s room.

I always say to those who are starting out that  floors and walls are the most important areas.  Clean floors and freshly painted walls are the perfect canvas.  Then of course comes a magnificent original piece of art.

Whether it be a captivating original hand painting done by your eight year old nephew framed over your fireplace in all its glory, or a wonderful painting that you fell in love with on your last vacation. I am absolutely not talking about all that decorative mass produced ornately framed, unoriginal work that is commonly referred to as “Truck Art.”

Sadly these fake pieces of art are in no way original and only serve to reflect badly on everything else of value in your room by way of association.  You are far better off acquiring a good reproduction or print from a local artist, or an interesting and affordable piece from an artist studio tour which take place in so many towns in America.

As for being concerned about the money you are spending on one painting, when you are sitting on cushions on the floor. You can spend a small fortune on one armchair in any number of department stores and I guarantee that not one person will come into your living room and gush with excitement over your armchair.

No-one will say,” What a beautiful armchair.! I just want to sit in it and look at it.”   I guarantee however, that if you spend that same amount of money on an original piece of art that you really love, it will own the room. It will command the attention of every person who enters the room and say something about you. Well, hopefully more than an expensive armchair would.

I have spent many years frequenting antique auctions, and buying interesting pieces on my extensive travels.  I am passionate about quality fabrics, cushions, and other decorative pieces and am fanatical about the artistic placement of them all.   However for anyone who has come to my home when my paintings have been removed for an exhibition. My home with its beautiful bones and interesting decor without paintings on the walls,  lacks soul, heart and passion. My friends and family are always intrigued by this. 

This is very difficult for anyone who does not own a magnificent original painting to understand.

But for those of you who have enjoyed the magic of that one painting that draws you into your room.  Try taking it away and see how quickly the life is taken out of a room