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For many years of my life I would move to different cities, states, and countries. I moved into so many different homes. I have lived in shoebox apartments, palatial beachside penthouses, small country cottages, and grand old mansions. I have lived in very ugly places and spectacular places, and I have even lived for six months in a museum located next to a prison in downtown Allentown,Pennsylvania. I have moved because of new exciting opportunities and because of sad lost opportunities.

The one constant in all of these moves was my need to create my happy place in each new home.  This was the place that would greet me after a very, very long day at work, and would immediately make me smile.  A place that made me feel that I had indeed arrived at my home. A place that no matter how difficult or exhausting my day was made me instantly happy.

I believe we all need a little spot like this that represents who we are at any given point in our lives.  Whether it be the immediate space around a corner desk, a small area of the basement, a side room, the kitchen, a spare bedroom, or your garage.

This is the space where you paint your favorite color, you hang a favorite work of art( even if you painted it when you were four), you have your favorite books, fabrics, and things all arranged in a way that reflects who you are or want to be and most important makes you feel totally happy.

Don’t worry about the rest of the home until you set up your happy space because this is where you will be energized and inspired.

With the constant demands of my three boys(my husband included) and two pets, I find I spend more time than I would like in my kitchen. It happens to be the smallest room in my very big old American Center Hall Colonial. It is a room in desperate need of renovation with its faded laminate surfaces, old appliances, and a number of drawers that refuse to budge. It is however my happy place.

For anyone who lacks the financial resources or time to renovate, there is nothing more powerful than paint and paintings. Check out my little kitchen that keeps me smiling when I am doing my least favorite chores cooking and cleaning.